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How Being Positive Saved Me

It was March 2012 and I was struggling to make it to work everyday, struggling to make a home for my kids, lost contact with my best friend, involved in a toxic friendship with another, and kept finding myself in relationships with men that didn’t suit me only because I wanted to feel loved. I… Continue reading How Being Positive Saved Me

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Trying to Stop My Hypomania in it’s Track

In the beginning, I have a chance to stop it, my hypomania. It is so subtle that no one notices but me. It usually begins with an interruption in my sleep. I have to admit I haven’t been taking my full dose of my anti-psychotic. I’ve only been taking half. I have a reason. My… Continue reading Trying to Stop My Hypomania in it’s Track

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18 Years Later Living Happily Ever After

August 1st 1998 was a sunny and beautiful day. The day I married the man of my dreams. We shared so many dreams of our future together. We were going to be actors. Me on the stage and him in the movies. We were going to conquer the world together. 10 years and 2 kids… Continue reading 18 Years Later Living Happily Ever After