mental health

Time for Wellness

I hated working out. I mean, loathed it. The last time I worked out harder than gym class was back in 2006 & my husband, friends, and I did Body for Life. I felt like I was dying inside because of my bipolar and outside because of the exercise. I didn’t achieve the results I wanted and I hated it. I avoided all exercise programs until this past January when I sucked it up and headed to the gym. This time on my own workout schedule but using the 17 Day Diet plan. Now, I don’t know much about exercise but I loved sitting on the bike talking to my friend. I was feeling great mentally but I still wasn’t achieving the physical results I wanted. I had been approached by someone online watching my journey in February and asked if I wanted to be a Beachbody Coach. I told her “No, thank you” but the seed was planted & I did join Beachbody on Demand for the free 14 days and joined her challenge group. I just watched from the background and cancelled after 7 days. I didn’t workout much in April just due to life and I got discouraged that the whole 6 pounds I lost in January were back. I started to go back to my old routine. I still followed the coach online and I knew I needed more. So I asked her about Shakeology protein shakes. She told me how great it was and agreed it was a little expensive but that’s one reason she became a coach. She could earn the money to buy it. Well, that got me thinking. I LOVE helping people. I haven’t felt better mentally and physically since working out and I’m bored. I love social media and sharing my story. This could be part of my story. I signed up. I couldn’t be happier about my decision. I believe things happen for a reason. This was meant to happen during Mental Health Awareness Month. This makes me well again. Now, I get to be a wellness Coach and help people like me!


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