Bipolar Disorder · mental health

I’m A Warrior Princess

Women’s rights are a hot topic right now and I am all for it. I will gladly stand next to my fellow woman and demand equal rights as men, but just because I want things equally for women doesn’t mean I want to be a warrior. I very much want to be a princess and always will. I like to be taken care of. I love chivalry. I will teach my girls that they are every bit as good as their fellow man, they deserve everything men get, and they need to know how to take care of themselves, but it is also okay to want to be a princess. I want to be rescued. Don’t misunderstand, I do not NEED anyone to rescue me. I am very capable of rescuing and taking care of myself. I never imagined that I would be able to rescue myself. I have been crippled with anxiety since childhood and never imagined I’d be strong enough to take control of my own life, not to mention my children’s. I found myself divorced with 2 young girls to raise while still struggling to breath after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Suddenly, it was just me. I shared responsibility with no one. I had no one to fall back on. Financially, I had help if I needed it from my family, but no one to tell me to get out of bed. No one to make me go to work. No one to help me to take care of my kids. No one to remind me to take my medicine and to take care of myself. Most days, it was hard. On my days without my children, I would work and sleep. I had friends and I socialized, but it was empty. I was just there going through the movements. After I stopped working, it did get better and I realized how strong I was. I didn’t want to be a warrior, but I was one. I just fought a war for 4 years. I fought for my kids and I fought for me. Then, I was rescued. I desperately wanted to be rescued. My prince swept me off my feet. He spoils me and takes care of not just me, but my girls. He does everything in his power to make sure I never have to go through that again. We are equals and take care of each other. Because of him, I am no longer at war, but I am still a warrior. I am a warrior princess.


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