mental health

Let’s Make You Great 

I realized something when I walked the mall today. I wasn’t walking with overweight individuals who need to get active, I was walking with little old ladies and gentlemen who were skinny and some were using canes. This blew my mind. My generation as a whole is over weight. Where are these people??!! These are the people that need to be walking the mall. I am almost 39. I have had 2 children. I pee my pants when I sneeze and trying to lose any significant amount of weight is a daunting task. But I’ve lost 30 lbs over the last year and it wasn’t from sitting on my butt watching tv. We need to be active. Especially those that are mentally ill. I HATE working out, but I love walking. We have to at least try. Hey, I’ve been so depressed I can’t get out of bed. I was there last week in fact, but it isn’t a coincidence that my depression lasted 3 days. Shortest depressive episodes I’ve ever had. It’s because I make a conscious effort to try. You can’t expect anyone to care care of you. You have to take care of you. So get off the couch, put on your shoes and start trying!


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