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I’ve joined Team Sky Soldiers!

My brother is a sky soldier. What is a sky soldier? A sky soldier is a member of an elite club known as the Army Airborne Unit. He has devoted 20 years to jumping out of airplanes. He has been to Afghanistan twice & has seen terrible things. Now he is getting ready to retire. All he has known is Army life for 20 years. A great organization called GallantFew helps soldiers transition to civilian life. You can visit their website at My brother has joined GallantFew’s fundraiser Run Ranger Run to raise money & awareness for this cause. I have joined him as a team member. Together our team (still being assembled) will work to log 565 miles of walking, running, or biking in 28 days!! If you are interested in donating or assembling your own team, see the link below.


Run Ranger Run History (taken directly from their website)

In 2013, 3rd Ranger Battalion combat veteran Cory Smith highlighted the difficult transition so many veterans face by making a very difficult, public and personal transition – he ran home! Columbus, GA to Indianapolis, IN – 565 miles. Now you can join Cory to make a difference right where you are, and bring awareness to the difficult transition many of our honored military veterans face.In 2012, 3rd Ranger Battalion veteran US Army Corporal Cory Smith, having deployed to combat twice, experienced having friends killed and wounded and with his own marriage failing decided to highlight the difficult journey home many soldiers have leaving the Army by undergoing a very public and very difficult journey home himself.  Cory decided to run 565 miles in 28 days with holding his daughter Elleigh in his arms the end goal of his run.

The Event

Teams of up to ten individuals pledge to walk, run and/or ride bicycles a combined total of 565 miles in the month of February (usually 28 days) raising funds for GallantFew while increasing awareness for the veteran transition issues.

“Please check out my fundraising campaign on CrowdRise”


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