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“It’s Not Your Journey” Book Review

My social media friend, Rebecca Lombardo, asked me if I would read & review her book about her journey suffering from Bipolar Disorder. Of course I said YES!!! Here is the review. You can find her book at

Rebecca Lomadrdo’s book, “It’s Not Your Journey”, is a perfect example of what it is like to live with the reality of mental illness. Not only does she suffer from Bipolar Disorder, but PTSD and Generalized Anxiety as well. It is not uncommon to be fighting many illness’s at the same time. As a fellow sufferer of mental illness, I felt as though I was reading my own story at times. Her story is very raw and blunt. She doesn’t sugar-coat it. She goes after the stigma that doesn’t just affect the public but the healthcare field as well. While she tells of the negative experiences she has had with professionals, she reminds the reader that this is her “journey” and yours may be different. She encourages exploration of different therapies even if it didn’t work for her. It is a dark story, as she describes her bouts with depression. Many know this is a mood disorder, but don’t understand that mania is short-lived and depression seems to go on forever. I see a psychiatrist regularly and still I’ve often questioned, “Maybe I’ve been misdiagnosed.” After reading this book, I know I have not. Her thoughts are my thoughts, her fears confirmed my own. This brave woman pours her soul out to reach other people suffering to prove to them, they are not alone. It will touch your heart. The prologue by her husband may make you cry as he writes about being an outsider looking in. Through it all, she writes, “Most of us try o think positive, and it doesn’t help. This disease is far too strong for that. But if you work at it, a little everyday, and set small, realistic goals for yourself, you will start to feel that sense of accomplishment.” That right there is something everyone suffering needs to hear. It will get better.


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