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All You Need is Love

I’m probably going to lose friends for this. But honestly, they weren’t worth having if I do. I’m not a hater. I am a lover. I believe that you do great things with love. I believe whole heartily you catch more flies with honey. So I can scream at you and try to force you to see things MY way, or I can smile at you, shrug my shoulders and walk away. I don’t hate people. I may dislike someone’s personality, but I don’t hate or spread hate. I don’t hate specific groups of people like transgenders or homosexuals. What business of mine is it if you choose to identify with the opposite sex and choose to live that way. It isn’t affecting my life at all. You know there are people who identify with animals and choose to change their physical features to reflect that, but no one hears about that. I don’t hate them either.  I don’t hate gay people because they don’t love the same partners that I do. Why do I care who someone chooses to marry? I don’t know if God thinks it is wrong. You can quote the Old Testament to me all you want, but we’ve all done things in the bible that God said was wrong. Do you love your husband who cheated on his 1st wife? That is in the 10 commandments: Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. Do you love your friend who eats too much? How about that friend who is always envious about what everybody else has?  Being gay isn’t one of the 7 deadly sins, but envy and gluttony is. Why don’t you shun these people? Why are overweight people not denied the chance to buy a wedding cake? I don’t think they should be turned away. They want to marry the person they love just as much as the next person. Let them buy a cake. There isn’t a meter on sins that tell you who is doing the worst. It isn’t my place to judge them. It’s God’s. In the New Testament, Jesus taught love. I love them anyway. Besides, what if they don’t believe in God?  They shouldn’t be allowed to marry because of Christian arrogance? I’m pretty sure Buddhist and Jewish people marry and they aren’t Christ followers. I don’t hate ethnic groups just because a few people do terrible things. Should I hate everyone from Oklahoma because of the Oklahoma City Bomber? Should I hate all German and Japanese people because of WWI & II? People have been killing people in the name of religion since before the Crusades. Which by the way was in the name of Christianity. These are people. Made of flesh and blood just like you and me. Everyone deserves the same rights.  Everybody is different. That is what makes people so great. You learn from diversity. So what if someone doesn’t believe in God? Your job if you are a Christian is to SPREAD the Good news, not force it down people’s throat. Not condemn people because they are different than you. It’s not a competition to see how many followers you can get. Do you believe that different policies than me would be helpful in running our country? Good for you! That is actually helpful to our country.  So instead of being hateful, be thankful. Thankful that you live in a country where you can express your opinions. I don’t understand why so many people care about what other people are doing or believe. People always want to get in other people’s business until people want to get in theirs. I said this in a post on Facebook and it actually caused me to lose a friend. A “Christian” friend too. I said, I would rather die showing someone love, then get to the gates of heaven and have to explain why I wasn’t loving.


One thought on “All You Need is Love

  1. LOVE this post and I am sooo of your thinking and ‘mentality’. Beautiful post, especially as an American and us just going through the horrific mass shooting at a gay bar. No, not gay, pretty boring straight but like you I don’t judge others for their actions or choices, as long as it doesn’t harm others.

    Thanks for your thoughts and having the courage to speak out. Molly

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