Bipolar Disorder · Depression · mental health

The Mountains Are Calling Me

I am FINALLY getting a vacation!!! My last vacation that lasted more than 3 days that wasn’t at my parents house was in June 2010 when I went to Paris with my Mom, Sister, and my Niece for my Niece’s high school graduation.  Before that is was 2007 when my ex-husband and I took our girls to Disney World. I am in desperate need of one. My husband and I are going to spend 5 days camping in the Smoky Mountains. I haven’t camped for more than 1 night since I was a kid. I really love it. I love nature and being outside. We are also taking our black lab mix puppy with us. I’m ready! No kids, no city, no internet, or cell service on the campground. No showers but there are bathrooms, thank goodness! Everything is packed and ready to go! Be prepared to be bombarded with pictures and stories when I get back. I’m gonna get some well deserved nature therapy!


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