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To My Friends Old & New

I have always had a good circle of friends. Over the years, some have gone and some have stayed. Some became closer and some further away. You know you have a good friend when you go months without talking and you call them up out of the blue and it’s like nothing has changed. I have a few of those. Then there are the ones where for a few years you were inseparable, and your lives took different routes. Now you are Facebook friends and you don’t even “like” each others status. I have some of those too. I have friends who just stopped talking to me, I don’t know why. Now that I am in my late 30’s I have found that my good friends have been consistent. I won’t label anyone my “best friend” but if you are my friend who will take me out to cheer me up, let me have my space, be there in a heartbeat if I needed, doesn’t matter if you are local or 500 miles away, you are one of my best friends. I’m too old for bullshit. Most of my friends have been my friends for a long time. I have one I have been friends with since 2nd grade. I would fight a bear for her (maybe not a grizzly bear but a Care Bear, yes!) And I LOVE making new friends, but that is hard for me. Unfortunately, the mentally ill get used. I think we are at a higher risk for it, but I don’t know this statistically. I just know that I have been used and can see how easy it is. I’m pretty guarded and although I seem very open and outgoing, my heart has a wall around it and very few get in. Many of my friends already know me, but if you are new to my circle or you have new friend, here is what you can expect if you want to be friends with someone who is mentally ill.

  1. Guarded, we have most likely been used & abused. Gotta take it slow.
  2. Kindness, I have found that we are some of the kindest people in the world.
  3. Compassion, we have been to hell and back.
  4. Love, we will love you to death.
  5. Honesty, sometimes too honest.
  6. Silence, we will drop off the radar from time to time.
  7. Sadness, we will be sad for what appears, no reason. I have cried because I couldn’t get the tangles out of my hair.
  8. Moodiness, kind of like Jekyll & Hyde.
  9. Education, we will teach you what you want/need to know about us
  10. Fun,  we are all just people trying to make it though life and have a good time doing it!

I pretty much expect the same in return! You get what you give, right?

To all my sweet and beautiful friends, I love you. You have made me who I am. Thank you to all the one’s who have stayed by my side and the one’s I have left and they chose to be left behind.


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