mental health

Remember Who You Are

It’s easy to get lost in your mental illness. I make a list so it’s easy for me to remember who I am. I am a believing Catholic. I am a wife, the love of someone’s life. I am a great mother. I am a loving daughter and a fun sister. I am a favorite aunt.  I am a best friend. I am dog and cat mom. I am even a chicken mom. I am a kitten foster mom. I am a homeowner. I am a chef and a baker. I am a maid and a laundress. I am an actress and a singer. I am a pianist. I am a bibliofile. I am a gardener. I am a bird watcher. I am a world traveler.  I am an outdoor adventurer. I am a Netflix binger. I am a jewelry lady. I am a shopper. I am a democrat.  I am a volunteer. I am a wino and a coffee-aholic. I am a blogger and an advocate.

I am many things, but what I am not is my illness.


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