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Chloe’s Story: Updated

Chloe Update: My sweet girl had her dental procedure on May 5th. They were able to save 18 teeth and extracted 18 (4 were already gone.) She is now the spunkiest beagle ever!! Thanks for all the thoughts & prayers!

Before & After photos

November 2015

On May 29, 2016 Look at that smile ❤️

Chloe is my 12 year old beagle we rescued 2 years ago at the end of this month. We were looking for another beagle and found one on Craiglist. A 10 year old female beagle needed a new home because the owners were relocating and they could only take 1 of their dogs. They chose the other one. If a home could not be found by the time they moved she would be euthanize. Ok, so I was taking her no matter what. Chloe has had a rough life (no pun intended.) She has an inoperable hernia and she is blind in her left eye from an accident with a golf ball or so her first family told us.  She had obviously been beaten at some point. You can’t even raise your hand at or toward her without her ducking. Her first family said they got her as a puppy. We picked her up from their $400,000 home. Her teeth were terrible. We took her to the vet because the rabies tag they gave us was 3 years overdue. She recommended a cleaning. I put it off because I was scared that she would pass away under anesthesia. My parent’s had a husky when I was growing up and he passed under anesthesia while getting his teeth cleaned 15 years ago. He was 12 or 13. I was afraid the same fate would happen to her. Chloe’s first year with us was pretty hard. We found out that she has a severe allergy to fleas and most of her hair fell out. She developed a yeast infection on her skin and she stunk SO bad. I had to take her to the emergency vet because she had diarrhea for 4 days and didn’t eat. I had to bath her with prescription shampoo twice a week for a month. She started on canned dog food because she couldn’t eat kibble. Finally, her hair grew back and she gained some weight. She stopped smelling and she seemed to be a happy dog who slept all the time. Last year at her annual exam the vet told me the same thing about her teeth. Again, I put it off. Then over the last year she developed “moles” on her face and neck. I brushed it off as her being old. She also shook all the time. Her breath became terrible. Fast forward to last month. She had what I thought was a growth on her leg and it was bleeding. I called the vet right away and got her in. I mentioned the “moles” to her too because they were starting to get bigger. Her laceration on her leg was no concern. She probably just cut it on something. Her “moles?” That actually was cause for concern. They aren’t moles. She has Papilloma Virus as a result of the severe infection she has in her mouth because of her rotten teeth. The vet said if she doesn’t have her teeth taken care of, the infection will eventually cause her jaw to break. They gave us the option of her being on antibiotics for the rest of her life, or have the ones she can save cleaned and extract the ones she can’t. She recommended the cleaning/extraction. I told her my concerns. She assured me it was safe. She said they’ve come a long way in the last 15 years and that 12 isn’t old for a beagle. She has a lot of life left and by doing this we will increase her quality of life. Chloe was shaking the entire time we were there and I asked the vet tech why he thought she shook like that. He said, “Dogs shiver for 2 reasons. They are scared, or they are in pain.” My heart broke into a million pieces. I put off her teeth for selfish reasons and this entire time she has been in pain. The vet told me to give her antibiotics twice a day for 4 weeks before her cleaning. She told me that we would begin to see a different dog once the infection is cleared.  She was right. She still sleeps a lot, but she has some spunk in her that she didn’t have before. She sleeps with my daughter, under the covers with her. Her breath cleared up almost immediately. She really is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. Tomorrow is the day. I will drop her off in the morning.  I am very nervous. I know that I am doing the right thing for her and if it is her time, it isn’t my choice. Either way, she will be out of the miserable pain she has been in. I love you so much, Chloe girl.


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