Bipolar Disorder · mental health

You See My Happy

I share a lot on social media. You can follow me anywhere from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest. I love sharing my joy. I enjoy sharing what my family and I are up to. I love promoting my jewelry business and to be an advocate for people like me with mental illness.  I’m not one to blow smoke up someone’s rear. What you see is what you get. I do not embellish the love and happiness I have for my husband and children. Everything I post is true. But I’m not one to cry on someone’s shoulders either.  I don’t take selfies when I’m sad or mad. I don’t share fights and disagreements I have with my husband and family. If I’m mad at a stranger, I have been known to share my frustrations with the world, but not if it’s about my family. My family and I are not perfect. 5 minutes after I post how much I love my husband, he may piss me off by doing something stupid. I am human, he is human. We fight, I yell at my kids. My animals use the bathroom in the house. I have bipolar disorder so obviously, my life is crazy. I am highly irritable and can snap at any second. Every day I strive to be a happy person.  I wake up to sweet kisses from my husband, I know I am loved. My kids kiss and hug me everyday. I love to share this. It also helps me when I am sad or depressed to see my happiness. To be reminded that I can be happy and that I am loved. So I share so you can see my happy and so I can see my happy.


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