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My Forever Friend is My Husband

My friends weren’t there when I met my husband. Some of them I didn’t even know. Maybe I met them through him or maybe we met along the way. I don’t ask for my friends opinions on the men I have dated. It is my decision to make sure he is right for me. Everybody sees different things in different people. Someone who is attractive to one may not be for the other. Friends are there to support me in my decisions and unless I am being physically or mentally abused, they shouldn’t say anything negative about the choice I have made. Although, after it ends they tell me what they thought! The relationship between me and my husband is just that, between me and my husband. He may not be the most attractive person on the planet, but he is gorgeous to me so please don’t tell me you think he is ugly. He may not be a member of Mensa, but he was smart enough to pick me and love me so please don’t tell me you think he is stupid. I like to tease my husband. I tease him about physical and intellectual imperfections. I tease out of love and I have his permission to tease him. He teases me about my stubbornness and terrible temper. Also out of love and with permission. Sometimes I tease him to my friends. I shouldn’t do that. My relationship with my friends doesn’t have anything to do with my husband and I shouldn’t tease him while he is not there to defend himself. My husband and I are not perfect. Our love is not perfect. But we do believe that we are perfect for each other. We may not “look” like we belong together and we may not have a lot of favorite hobbies in common, but we try. He loves to fish and go to car shows. I go fishing and to car shows with him. I love to get all dressed up and drink wine and he gets all dressed up with me and buys me wine. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. We both love spoiling my kids, celebrating each other, nature, hiking, antiquing, baseball games, animals, old houses, fixing up our house, traveling, and most of all, being with each other. I need my friends. Our job is to love each other, be there for each other, and support each other. My husband has made me the happiest person on this earth. That should be all that matters to my friends. That being said, we do irritate each other, and sometimes we don’t get along. Unfortunately, sometimes this may happen in front of our friends or I may share it because I just want to get it off my chest. This is wrong of me. I shouldn’t throw my husband “under the bus” in front of friends. I don’t want my friends to make negative assumptions about him. The truth is I adore my husband and my friends, especially the ones I have had for a very long time. Some friends will be there forever. I hope they will be, but I already chose my forever. No matter what happens between me and my friends, I choose my husband. I love my friends but I love my husband more. I want to thank my friends for being amazing people in my life and encouraging the love I have for them and especially the love I have for my husband.


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