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Who Am I To Judge

I’ll admit it, I can be judgmental. We all can. You see that one girl walking down the street in her clothes that are obviously too tight and don’t match. Her hair is all wild. Or that guy at Walmart in his Star Wars pajama pants. We’ve all said it and if not, we thought it. I hate to tell you but that’s judgement. The friend you have that isn’t making the best choices and you think you could make them better if you were in her situation? That’s judgement. I like to call this “superficial judgement.” You aren’t hurting this person directly but let’s face it, it’s not nice. It’s not good for your soul to be like that. You don’t know their situation. The girl could be wearing the only clothes she owns and decided to wear those to the job interview instead of going naked or not at all. Maybe she doesn’t have a hairbrush and she did the best she could. The guy at Walmart? His washer broke and he had to by detergent to take to the laundry mat. Your friend? Maybe she doesn’t have good choices and she chose the less crappier one. These are small potatoes compared to the big judgments. These judgments I like to call “the Pearly Gate judgments.” These are the judgments that cause actions by you to be questioned at the Pearly Gates. These judgments can directly hurt the person being judged. You want to seek forgiveness for all your judgments but especially these. I won’t go into specific details but these judgments consist of you persecuting people that you don’t believe the same beliefs whether it be in religion, their race, their gender, their way of life, anything you don’t agree on. Everybody is different and it is just impossible for 2 people to 100% agree on everything. But, you love them anyway. You don’t go out of your way to make their life miserable. You don’t do things in the name of your religion, especially if your religion teaches love and compassion. You respect their opinions and move forward. Chances are, what they are doing has no effect on your everyday life whatsoever. Love them instead. Pray for them instead. You don’t have to support what people do if you don’t believe it or share the same opinion, but you don’t have to promote hate. You don’t have to turn your back on someone. They may not want your help, but everyone can use love. One of my very favorite quotes comes from Pope Francis in regards to homosexuals. He said, “A gay person who is seeking God, who is of good will…….well, who am I to judge?” Who am I to judge? This is SO profound and can be used for absolutely everything.  Who am I to judge?  The only thing that is going to get me into heaven is how I live MY life, not how you live yours. I don’t have to agree with you and quite frankly I have too much to do in my life than argue with you over who is right because let’s be honest, NO one knows. So I may disagree with you, but my opinion and your opinion isn’t the one that matters in the end. The only thing I can do is be like Christ, the only person who was not judgmental, and pray that I did enough things right in my life to make it past those Pearly Gates. For God is the final judgement.judgement


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