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My Love Letters

I recently read an article about writing myself love letters. I found this to be an awesome thing. I thought that this fit right in with my 40 days of prayer journal that a friend of mine challenged me to do. The article just said to write about what you want to hear. Encouraging words that will help you in any situation. I decided to write myself, my husband, and children a love letter.  I can’t wait to include little notes of love and words of affirmation to my loved ones and friends in their everyday life.

Dear Anne,

You are more beautiful than you think you see in the mirror. You are beautiful inside and out. You love with all your heart and soul. God gave you a purpose in your life and you are working hard to fulfill it. You are a patient and loving mother and passionate and faithful wife. Remember God is by your side, even if you don’t think He’s there. Keep your head held high.



Dear Brian,

You are the love of my life. You truly have a heart of gold. The love I have for you cannot be spoken in words. You are loving and supportive. I am so glad you chose to spend your life with me. I promise to love you and always take care of you.  You never have to worry when I am by your side. I will always help you succeed and stand by your side. Thank you for standing by me and being patient with me. I know it can be difficult at times. In the 2 years we have been together, my love for you has grown more and more each day. I can’t wait to see what our future holds, but I know it will be long and full of love.

Yours forever,


Dear Marian & Emilie,

My life as a mother started the day you were born and my life was changed forever. Being your mother has been the most incredible journey of my life. Contrary to popular belief, neither one of you is my favorite! I love you both so much and in so many different ways. The love a mother has for her children is almost unreal and magical. I would risk my life for you, and I  most certainly will fight a care bear for you! My dreams changed when I had you, it was no longer about what I wanted but what I could give to you. Your joys are my joys, your pains are my pains, and your sadness is my sadness. I try my hardest everyday to be the best mother I can be. Sometimes,  I fail but I will always keep trying. Your time in my home will be limited but I will always be your mother, you will always be my heart. You are both so smart and talented and have such a bright future. I will do everything in my power to make your dreams come true. I will never stop loving you.

Love & Kisses,




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